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Snorlax the Impaler
Artist | Digital Art
Molly :bulletred: Genderfluid (he/him/they/them) Friends ONLY: (She/Her) :bulletred: Sun: Cancer ♋ Moon: Gemini ♊ :bulletred:

My FurAffinity

Hello! Just your average snorlax who likes to draw and make friends. Don't be afraid to say hello and approach me. I am easily excited and energetic so don't let my capslock abuse deter you.

I work a very busy schedule and sometimes can't get to reply to everyone's comments but I do read every single one and I appreciate you all and your wonderful support!

Please do not:

:bulletred: Bring drama to my page.
:bulletred: Disrespect my characters regardless of their gender or sexual orientation
:bulletred: Forcefully try to get me to change my characters sexual orientation.
:bulletred: Force me to do things I have openly expressed make me very uncomfortable
:bulletred: Go after my characters for ships without getting to know me first.

Thank you!


Nektanine ID: Daemon by Valiuum
Nektanine ID: Daemon
See Cyleana I told you I'd do it. = 3 = 

I finally got around to drawing the kiddo I adopted from Cyleana Nektanine batch 4 [CLOSED] by Cyleana

He's a dick. 

Original design by Cyleana 

Daemon is mein 
I noticed a lot of people from the AT fandom coming and watching me lately. Sup guys? :iconiderpitplz:
Soren by Valiuum
So... 21 years ago Megrita decided she was lonely and wanted her own child to take care of and raise. She cast a spell that lured the most gifted and well built human males to her home. She wanted good genes to ensure that her child would be as perfect as they come. She selected the male that she believed was most worthy and forced herself on him. After she conceived, she turned and ate him (much like a mantis or a spider), seeing as he had served his purpose and was no longer of any use. And soon after, Soren was born.

Soren is a halfbreed which is why he has ears and a single eye on his neck. He is much more approachable and friendly in comparison to his mother, a very nice helpful boy. It is the human in him that gives him compassion and morals. Unlike his mother, he is sympathetic towards those he feels attached to. He is capable of certain feelings and emotions that Megrita is not. While Megrita DOES love and care for her son, he is the only thing that she could ever harness these feelings for. 

Megrita is blind, but she can "sense" auras and the presences or other things or objects. She "sees" objects and people as black silhouettes or outlines but she cannot see pictures or color. She also cannot read typed or written words, instead she reads Braille. Soren is the same way HOWEVER, when he opens the eye on his neck, he can see things the same way humans do. He can read and view pictures, as well as watch television. He can see what people look like whereas Megrita can not. Unfortunately since he only has one eye, he has no depth perception. He is often helping Megrita find things around the house that she cannot sense. 

Characters are mine 
The Boy without a Face UPDATED by Valiuum
The Boy without a Face UPDATED
EDIT: moar tats and piercings


Megrita has a son. Meet Soren, the boy wonder.

Name: Soren

Age: 21 

Sex: Male 

Species: Human/??? hybrid 
It is still unknown what exactly Megrita is. She has been referred to by so many names, whether it be witch - demon - spirit - monster - etc So it is unknown what Soren actually is aside from his human half. Megrita and Soren are the only ones of their kind. 

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 300 lbs 

Eye color: what eyes center eye on his neck is crimson red

Hair color: dark green

Skin color: ashen green 

Personality: || Silly || Friendly || Compassionate || Polite || Caring || Loving || Affectionate || 

Soren is a playful guy with a big heart. Unlike his mother, he is more in tune to feeling human emotions such as sympathy, compassion, and love. He is bound by moral of what is right and what is wrong which is why Megrita isolates him and keeps him away from humans in fear that his empathy will make him vulnerable. He is fascinated by humans and human television shows and movies, often sitting in his room to watch them for hours. He also enjoys playing video games and is up to date on all the latest human technology. He also helps his mother out around the house with daily chores and housekeeping, always eager to lend a hand whenever she needs it, but this helpfulness is not just geared towards her alone. He is willing to help just about anyone who is in desperation of a shoulder to lean on. He is also very affectionate, ready with a hug or a kiss to help you feel better. He's not ashamed to hug his mother or give her a kiss on the cheek when she wants it.

 He is a very nonviolent person and tries to avoid fighting or conflict if he can get away with it, however he won't hesitate to beat you into the ground or break your face if you dare threaten the people he cares about and loves. 

Because of his human morals, he often finds himself conflicted by what Megrita raised him by. Having been used to butchering the corpses she brought home for food as one of his daily chores, human television has taught him to doubt, showing that human life was sacred and humans were not just cattle to be slaughtered. He still puts up the illusion that he is unaffected by what he must eat, but internally he feels a struggle. 

+ Watching TV
+ Listening to music 
+ Skinny jeans 
+ Band T shirts 
+ Humans 
+ Old school metal/new metal
+ Cats 
+ Making friends (he has none-)
+ Playing guitar 
+ Singing/Growling/Angry yelling (all that shit associated with metal) 

- Vegetables 
- Feeling different 
- Alcohol 
- Children
- His own appearance 

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Taken 
Crushes/Interests/Significant other: AnneMarie ExecutionButton AnneMarie by ExecutionButton


:heart: AnneMarie :heart: [Girlfriend]

 Soren met AnneMarie (Annie as he likes to call her) when he broke into his mother's spell cabinet to create a portal to earth so he could be amongst humankind. She was the first human he ever interacted with and formed a bond with her right away. Initially he wore a hooded sweatshirt with sunglasses and a veil over his face as well as gloves over his hands claiming that he was in a severe car accident that left him permanently disfigured which was why he hid his face and body. She never questioned or pressed further and the two quickly became friends, getting closer as the months passed. 

It wasn't until Megrita caught wind that her son had been sneaking out while she was away but instead of sealing the portal (not wanting to limit or control where her son went anymore as she felt he was old enough to travel) she would frequent AnneMarie's dreams in the form of a nightmare to attempt to drive her away. AnneMarie told Soren of these dreams, describing the monster that would appear to her, and he asked her to draw what she saw. Immediately he knew and confronted his mother about it. Argument got heated and she threatened to kill every human on earth unless he broke ties with AnneMarie. He couldn't do that so he fled back, knowing he had to show his real face to AnneMarie. Unfortunately her initial reaction was fear, repulsed that he ate humans, and did identify him as a monster. He left into the woods and laid on the forest ground, heartbroken and fully aware just what he was. 

After being recollected by his mother, he was taken home. He refused to eat, refused all food for the first few days until he succumbed. Yet again Megrita reiterated that he must break ties with the human girl otherwise she would never let him set foot on Earth again. 

So he lied and said he would. Earth was only a hunting ground for human prey. She told him she trusted him enough not to place a tracking spell on him, that he wouldn't break his promise. 7 months passed before Soren set foot on Earth again. By this time AnneMarie had accumulated enough money to afford an apartment, no longer having to live out of her car. He appeared in her apartment and confessed his love for her as well as she him. 

"Remember when you told me that kissing is what lovers do and I told you that I never had one of those? You told me that someday I might. Someday I might find someone I like enough to do that with. Someone I found attractive."

"But the bigger question is, would anyone ever find me attractive? I'm a monster amongst humans. No nose. No eyes, at least not in the normal places. Just a mouth full of razor sharp teeth for stripping flesh from bone."

"You were right. I am a monster."

"But I am a monster capable of love and feeling."

"And I love you, AnneMarie."

Megrita [Mother]

 Since his birth, Megrita has been the only person Soren had ever had contact with for 21 years. She was all he ever knew and he loves her dearly. He would do anything to make his mother proud but as of recently it's becoming mildly difficult to juggle between Annie and Mom without pissing the other off. 

Additional Information:

Many of the following species traits were inherited from his mother

:bulletblue: Like Megrita, he feeds of the flesh and bone of humans, specifically small children. 

:bulletblue: It is not that he dislikes children, more rather that they make him highly uncomfortable considering that is his primary diet. This was never his choice, he ate what Megrita fed him.

:bulletblue: He doesn't need to breathe which means he could live just about anywhere. 

:bulletblue: He is immune to all forms of human sickness and disease however occasionally he and Megrita will suffer from a variation of the human cold that only affects them. It causes them to cough and drool a dark murky liquid with minor muscle and body ache. 

:bulletblue: Vegetables are the equivalent of rat poison to him. He will become very sick and vomit if he eats one by accident. Eating too many will kill him. He can only eat meat from humans. Meat from animals will sustain him enough to survive but only until he can find human flesh to feed on. He cannot live on animal flesh alone. 

:bulletblue: He will sometimes draw two eyes and a nose on his face with a marker to try and make himself more presentable

:bulletblue: He has recently taken a liking to cats. Him and AnneMarie recently adopted a cat named Cheeseburger. 

:bulletblue: He has no nose which means he has no sense of smell making him immune to bad odors. This also couples with an immunity to poisonous gases since he is not required to breathe

:bulletblue: He and Megrita are immortal ageless beings but they can be killed. 

:bulletblue: Soren is capable of some minor spell casting as long as he has a recipe to follow or directions, but he cannot cast spells hands on without a blueprint, like Megrita can. 

:bulletblue: Aside from abnormal strength and reflexes, physically he is like a human. His primary means of attack are his strength and fangs. He's got some strong chompers 

:bulletblue: He is pop culture savvy, knows just about everything about humans from watching TV. He loves music, specifically metal and old school punk. 

:bulletblue: He's freaked out by dildos and buttsex. 

:bulletblue: Megrita currently is unaware that Soren is still with AnneMarie, instead believes he is on earth hunting for prey. Honestly when she finds out that her son is fornicating with a human, she's going to burn the earth.

:bulletblue: He doesn't know how to swim 

:bulletblue: He can play guitar and sing! His dream is to have his own death metal band.

Soren belongs to moi


If I made an RP groups for my Navriadian, would you be interested in joining 

39 deviants said Yes
6 deviants said No


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